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What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Michelle Pearce
Good service
Monica Fisher
Ordered a beautiful stone for my mom and they were awesome helping me.
Brent Houser
All representatives of Colonial monuments provided excellent customer service to our family in our time of need. Colonial was very accommodating, flexible etc. There was a last-minute change to the engraving of our parents monument and they completed that promptly and accurately. Even the crew that completed the installation of the monument provided text messages and photos of the finished installation. You can't go wrong using Colonial. Plus they do work in OK and the D / FW metro area.
Sherri Davis
Fourth generation business owners who are super nice and knowledable. Excellent products and services for our family's needs over the years.
CreepyAlan Rides
This guy is great. We called them out of the blue with a question about installing an address marker on the outside of the house, and he talked with us. He even invited us down and took the time in person to give me some installation tips. I know this service deals with folks during some of their hardest times in life, but I know, in my heart, this guy cares and treats folks right. I do not say that about many.